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Videoconferencing has taken over the world. It might be time for the world to push back.

The long-term impact of the Covid pandemic on how people work remains very much an open question. But one undeniable consequence has been that the video call has become the default means of holding remote meetings or having conversations, even when only a couple of people are involved.

Zoom Technologies’…

Success comes to those who stick around long enough to earn it

I’ve been self-employed for over 7 years now, and amongst the bucketload of lessons I’ve learned, there’s one that stands out more than the rest — everything worth having takes longer than you think it will.

I’m not just saying this; I’ve lived it. Every venture I’ve embarked on in…

Some employee ‘perks’ are rights, not privileges

I first became a tax-paying cog in the American workforce in the mid-1990s. I was a teenager, but I remember advertisements in newspaper job listings — you know, the prehistoric, paper version of Indeed — that sometimes included details about job perks beyond the salary.

Later, when I graduated college…

What happens when you lose context, autonomy and accountability in the work environment

Imagine you’re walking along a street, and suddenly everyone is running in the opposite direction to you, screaming. What should you do? From an evolutionary perspective, we are programmed to gravitate to the group of people fleeing danger. These days, more of us might head onwards, readying our phones for…

But it’s not. Real career success is surprisingly simple

There’s a trend on LinkedIn that reveals a lot about career success…

Photos of people who got jobs at famous tech companies. I won’t post any examples because I don’t want to shame anybody. Look at your newsfeed and you’ll be flooded with them.

“OMG I’m so humbled to get…

‘Hire for culture, train for skill’ is great advice… until it isn’t

Helen seemed like an ideal candidate on paper. During her interview, everyone was super impressed with her responses. She also came highly recommended by a colleague’s friend’s colleague — or something like that.

She was earlier in her career than we wanted, but as far as personality and other details…


Speaking from experience. A publication from Medium about work.

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