Remote Work Is Now The Ultimate Recruiting Strategy for Employers

And it’s why remote work is here to stay

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7 min readMar 21, 2022


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The future of remote work is up in the air. Some employers are returning to their old ways, announcing a specific date for their employees to return to work. If employees don’t like it, they can quit or take a pay cut.

US News called this movement “The Great Return.” So what will happen when companies call their employees back into the office?

My prediction is that those with a hybrid structure may do fine. However, any company that requires a 100% in-office requirement will suffer a competitive disadvantage. In addition, these decisions on the heels of allowing remote work for two years won’t sit well with employees.

And a rigid in-office structure will make the jobs harder for company recruiters. As a result, the battle for talent is more significant than ever before. The only reason my company has a chance to secure talent is by offering remote work. Otherwise, we’d be dead in the water.

As a human resources professional, my last month passed in a blur. Things have shifted. While I’ve encountered exceptional candidates interested in our positions, we’re in the midst of a counteroffer battle.

Employees and applicants possess more power than ever before. The ball is in their court. This explains why in 2022, my hiring challenges have felt like running on a hamster wheel. We’ve had employees start at our company and continue interviewing their first week. Then, they hand in their resignation days later and disappear for $1/hr more.

Or the telltale sign of a candidate interviewing to leverage our compensation at their current company. The best way to get a raise is to interview and gauge what the market offers, right?

But there’s a saving grace to this madness for employers. And it’s remote work. Companies announcing the return to work at the office create a fantastic window of opportunity for other employers. Corporations willing to forego the traditional working method and adapt to the future will always come out ahead.

Many of my friends ask me if I think remote work is here to stay. My answer is yes.



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