Today’s ‘Lazy Generation’ Needed the Great Resignation

Millennials have turned their obstacle into an opportunity

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi
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5 min readApr 1, 2022


Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Why are millennials so lazy? Why do they expect everything on a platter? Millennials’ resumes are all about hopping from one job to another. Don’t they know about commitment?

How would they, they’re so used to having options and moving on at their convenience because of Tinder.

I’m one of those millennials — lazy and demotivated at work.

I didn’t enjoy doing grunt work after my family spent a fortune on a Master’s degree in England. $50,000 is a lot in my home currency in India. My family isn’t rich, and my dad worked bloody hard for it.

And what did my degree get me?

Jobs where I’m paid less than $1000 a month doing meaningless work. So where’s the return on the investment we made? Nowhere. At the time of writing this, we’re three months into the year and I’ve already earned my 9–5 annual salary.

But money is a secondary motivation. Let me lead you to why the great resignation is empowering and was much needed.

Work: Then vs Now

One of my tasks at work was to gather data, create pretty looking presentations, and send emails to CXO level folks across the world. This was a big company, and these were important emails.

Well, one of the many important emails as it was one of the many updates they receive from teams across the world.

Even somebody in high school can do that. You don’t need one or two degrees for it. Surely not a Master’s.

Attending calls where you’re not required to participate, doing grunt work for your senior, and getting calls at odd hours to ‘send emails’. Why is this normalised?

Owning Time

Right now as a solopreneur, I work 4–5 hours a day and do what I want to.

I’m writing, creating products, teaching, and consulting. I’m currently on a low run (a term I created right now) to offload my plate for 2.5 months just because I feel like it.

I’m enrolled in a French course for 8 hours a week and have bought online courses to…