This Is How to Get Your Dream Job Quicker than You Think

It’s child’s play when you break it into these simple steps.

Tim Denning
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6 min readMar 30, 2022


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I hope to never work a job again.

But I’ve spent most of my career in jobs. A decade of working in finance gave me an interesting perspective.

I got to see many people get their version of a dream job. My curiosity would often go into hyperdrive, so I’d ask them how they did it. Eventually I used what I learned to get my dream job.

Here’s what I learned about dreams jobs while chasing my own.

The bizarre thing about a dream job

My dream job was unexpected and isn’t what you’d think.

I got a job working with two other guys. We became best friends. The work we did isn’t anything to tell your mother about. But the bonds we formed made it my dream job.

I have fantasies about working a dream job like this again. Yet, I know it’s unlikely to ever happen once more.

The autonomy of self-employment is too good to give up.

Takeaway: The people you work with make a job a dream.

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