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Speaking from experience. A publication from Medium about work.

When the market fell off the Covid Cliff, millennials were left reaching for anything (and everything)

It’s Tuesday morning at 9:20 in the foggy mountains of Lynden, Washington, and Adrianna Richardson plops down into a beanbag chair in her living room to answer emails.

However, the emails she receives seem to have her confused with multiple people. One person needs a logo for their online business…

And how to overcome it

One of the worst jobs I’ve ever had was, on the face of it, a perfectly good job. Small agency, small but dedicated team, standard clients, ok salary, decent job title, work I was perfectly capable of doing.

And it left me a complete wreck.

I don’t mean that lightly…

You don’t need a traditional job anymore.

We can’t take it anymore. We’re tired of business as usual. I know so many people who watched their parents work long hours and finally drift into divorce. I also know people who made tons of money and bought loads of crap at the expense of their own health and…

My revelations might get you moving too

“There is a talent exodus,” Seth Morales tells us. If you’re living and working in 2021, you are no doubt aware he’s talking about Anthony Klotz’s concept of The Great Resignation.

According to Gallup, nearly half of American workers are “actively job searching or watching for opportunities.”

As I waded…

Forget about 5-year career blocks. Job hopping equals career growth

Why are job hoppers not considered the high priests of the economy?

I have a naughty confession: I am a job hopper. As soon as I get a new job, I’m already on the hunt for the next one. A job is an experiment for me. I like to learn…

A candid look at Amazon’s direct communication style

“No, no, no! This is not at all what I wanted!!!” Frowning, X put my whitepaper face down on the table, refusing to read it past the first page.

I had worked on it for months, done hours and hours of research and data gathering, and solicited feedback from dozens…

Quitting my 9–5 enabled me to *live* each day.

I quit my job at 25 to become a self-employed writer and creative entrepreneur. Some might say that 25 is too early to judge the corporate sector; I knew I had more potential and didn’t want to waste time doing things I don’t enjoy.

It wasn’t easy. I planned it…

You get what you pay for, and the corporate world hasn’t been paying much.

I don’t know what kind of schedule your company operates on, but mine likes to make corporate swag around December.

Every year, they ruin perfectly good sweaters, t-shirts, hats, keychains, and pens with their overblown company logo slapped atop them. They gift it to us in beautiful boxes with our…

Stop treating employees like robots

Remember when Zoom calls were a mildly cool novelty? People got to see each other’s homes and pets. We made some lame jokes about wearing pants, and we shared a sense of camaraderie during lockdown. We got a bit of warmth out of these interactions when we really needed it.

The pandemic flipped my work-life on its head, and I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing

I was in a forest, cutting down trees, when the world went into lockdown. By the following morning, the job had been cancelled, and the beautiful Scottish surroundings, outdoor work, and colleagues had been replaced with an indefinite stint working from a laptop at home.

I tried to keep my…


Speaking from experience. A publication from Medium about work.

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