Your Career Is Too Short to Spend Years Being Undervalued, Underpaid, and Treated like a Piece of Garbage

A radically different approach if you feel stuck like I did.

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Staying at a bad job is the behavior of a psychopath.

I don’t get it.

You wouldn’t waste your life. Why would you waste the time you spend working on a nightmare job?

A friend of mine is two years from retirement. He’s finishing on the biggest low of his career — a soul-crushing job. When the lights go out in my career, I wanna go out with a big freaking bang.

We shouldn’t settle for second best in our careers because we don’t have to.

(Arguably) the worst job in history

One job takes the cake for me.

The workday used to start with “who’s ready for a competition?”

That question meant my boss was about to have fun with us. We were his entertainment. He thought 80% of our team were total retards.

How do I know? He openly told me, and did it in front of others (mind-blowingly stupid).

The competitions he set up all had a booby prize, as he liked to call it. Last person to get their name on the whiteboard got the label of loser. One afternoon we had to do some product training and get a pass on the test.

The other teams in our office worked together so they could all pass the test faster and get back to helping customers.

Not my boss.

He wanted us to suffer. He made us do it by ourselves. As usual several members of the team were away.

One woman had recently had a baby and needed more time off than normal. The other guy was often away, too, as he was suffering from an illness that was likely to lead him to an early grave.

My boss hated anyone who regularly took medical leave. He called them weak. To mess with them he’d make sure to schedule his competitions when they were away.

“If you are away it’s not an excuse,” he used to say. Luckily there were normally two people away at the same time.



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