The Best Career Advice for 2022

Tiny suggestions to rethink your work.

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6 min readJan 19, 2022


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We spend a stupid amount of time at work.

May as well make your time there enjoyable doing things you love to do. It’s not some fantasy. It’s possible and my career is proof.

This week a friend said something that stayed with me.

“I’ve only got two years until retirement. There’s no point in changing careers, even though I hate my job. It’s too late. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

His comment made me sad. If you’re at the end of your career, why not take some big risks and finish on a high? You don’t get to relive your career as there’s no provable evidence of an afterlife.

The worst career advice is to do nothing if you’re bored or frustrated.

Here are some tiny bits of career advice to make the next twelve months of your career the best ever.

Learn a new skill

Careers are built on skills. If you’re stuck on a plateau or feel like your career is going nowhere, look for a new skill.

When my career hit rock bottom, while working a dead-end job in a call center, I went to Toastmasters to learn public speaking. It changed everything. I met new people who gave me job offers.

I learned how to shake the nerves and get in front of an audience of strangers and communicate one idea. The skill bled into my writing. Most of all, as a rambler, I learned to get to the freaking point.

Throw yourself headfirst into a new skill. Teachable dot com is your friend.

Divorce bad bosses

I’ve worked for some blood-sucking jackals that show no mercy.

It’s easy to fall for the lie that you have to stay. Fear of the unknown is scary. The truth is there are good bosses out there. I worked for a modern-day Buddha. They were the best years of my career.

It was a risk though.

When he showed up we all looked him up in the company directory. He had this killer instinct in his eyes. We got scared. So scared we started thinking about what other jobs we could get.



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