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The best career path might not be the ideal one you imagine

Image: Stephen Leonardi/Unsplash

Earlier into my career, it was easy for me to buy into the labels. I was either an “entrepreneur,” or I was an “employee.” The reality of the situation was more amorphous. For example, while I ran my own business and had a team staffed with self-employed and part-time colleagues, I actually worked with clients in all sorts of different ways.

For one, I would go into their office two days a week and work as a fractional marketing lead. For others, I would work remotely as a consultant, or an editorial director with my own writing team or as…

Would “re-cubicling” yourself be your next best career move?

Credit: Licensed from DepositPhotos

Now that employers are (cautiously) rolling out their reopening plans, professionals are deciding whether or not they want to continue working from home — as well as how to negotiate these arrangements.

The Great Resignation is in full swing, with 4 million Americans quitting their jobs in April 2021 alone. A survey from conducted last month found that an astonishing 95% of workers are considering changing jobs. …

Sometimes it takes a while for the dots we’re collecting to finally connect

Photo: GettyImages

“I know why you’re tired all the time!” my dad said after I finished complaining about my job over the delicious turkey leg my mom had made. “You’re doing something you weren’t meant to do!”

The year was 2008. The day was Thanksgiving. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Are you serious?” I shot back. “You encouraged me to take that job! You said it’d be good for me! Time and time again you told me not to leave it!”

“Look at you!” he replied. “It has been good for you! But you’ve reached the point where you’ve learned…

It’s time for us to get back out there and make some happy accidents happen


486 calendar days or 330 workdays — that’s how long it’s been since I’ve stepped foot in an office. In that time, I’ve done around 3–5 Zoom/Team calls a day and countless online conferences and seminars in between. That’s over 1400 virtual meetings on a flat, lifeless screen, watching just the upper third of human bodies. And, as a consequence, not one happy accident has come into my life over the last 69 weeks.



That’s the downside of remote work. We get so focused (or complacent) with the task at hand we forget to lift our heads to…

An open letter to workers

Photo: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

Dear worker,

You’re exhausted to the core of your body, mind, and soul. You want a break; no, you need a break. You are desperate to be treated like a human being, to make enough money to pay your bills and save a little for a nice vacation now and then (not to mention for an emergency), to have more autonomy over your own life and schedule, to not feel trapped in a constant state of survival.

Now you’re hearing messages where the rich and powerful are screaming about what a terrible bind the economy is in because those damn…

Or to focus on an entirely different metric.

Photo: Nick Page/Unsplash

I used to work with a chain-smoking father. We became good friends, although his life-ending habit was visible through his deathly red eyes, deep cough, and constant flu-like symptoms.

He’d arrive at work at 9 am. Getting coffee was his first work task. This required going down the elevator twenty floors to the lobby cafe, waiting in line, ordering, waiting for the order and then walking outside to have a smoke with the coffee. After coffee time it was easily 9:45 am. He’d then come over and chit-chat to the rest of us. After he got tired of that, he’d…

Even if “visioning” isn’t new to you, this method might be

Photo: Bruno Nascimento/Unsplash

Generally, I turn up my nose when people turn nouns into verbs, like sunsetting, friending, or, for that matter, verbing. But I make an exception for visioning, as in, figuring out your future, because of Priya Parker.

Priya’s probably best known for her book The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters. But, in addition to being a writer and researcher, Priya’s a conflict resolution facilitator. She coaches people to calmly lead their organization, political party, or country, through a tough transition. …

Expecting staff to take notes studiously during a meeting is a sign of a boss that wants conformists, not thinkers.

Photo: Gabrielle Henderson/Unsplash

During the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for various types of bosses — different gender, nationality, industry background and ages. I’ve also started my own businesses and been the boss.

I’ve noticed that some bosses have a habit that risks forming a highly damaging culture within their organizations. Over the long run, the company or team which they lead may become political and non-innovative.

This habit is that of expecting subordinates to gather in meetings with notebooks (or laptops these days) and studiously take down notes when they (the boss) are talking.


Holding on to your every word

Have you…

Working mothers are flipping the script and redefining work culture for modern families

Photo: James Wheeler/Unsplash

I worked in a job where I liked my boss. I was appreciated, and they matched my 401(k) contributions. I wore silk blouses and pink suede pumps. So why would I leave the comfort of my 9–5 career to build a business from scratch, wearing a syrup-stained t-shirt, with two toddlers at home?

I did it for the same reason that 40% of new entrepreneurs are women. I was desperate to create a healthier work/life balance and revoke my membership to the ‘grind culture.’ I want to see my kids more and still have a successful, fulfilling career. …

What I Learned From Working On Conan’s Season #2 and My Own Fears

Actor John Lithgow playfully tossed a show at me, boxer Larry Holmes jokingly (I think) threatened to knock me out and actress Jennifer Tilly might have flirted with me over the phone until she realized I was just an intern and not a Segment Producer. Memories like those, plus a dressing room sign with my name on it, were what I took away from interning on Season Two of Late Night with Conan O’Brien while in college. And looking back, I never should have left the show.

Conan bid farewell to late night TV this week after an amazing 28…


Speaking from experience. A publication from Medium about work.

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