Six Ways I Transformed My Career in a Year — And How You Can Too

God, I was so full of crap

Tim Denning
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6 min readMar 8, 2022


Me before I burned the suit. (Image supplied by author)

I wanted to quit my job the first day I got one.

Kissing the ass of leaders to get a job and keep it has never been something I’ve loved. It’s always felt so fake.

My career felt more like a Hollywood movie than reality. I could act better than Leo in Catch Me If You Can featuring Tom Hanks.

“Oh yes boss I can certainly do that for you by 5 PM. This customer is going to absolutely love us. You wait until you see the revenue in your monthly report. It’s going to be huge, I tell ya.”

God, I was so full of crap.

In the last 12 months my career has taken a 360. It’ll inspire yours. Here’s what I did to create the change.

Get comfortable not knowing

I quit my job in the middle of last year.

I know you don’t care or think that’s cool. Me neither. The point is when you quit and decide not to work a job again it scares the pants off you.

I was sweating bullets for days beforehand. What I learned to do is get comfortable not knowing the future. A job gives you a fairly predictable future. Working for yourself has a lot more risk.



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