Six Ways I Transformed My Career in a Year — And How You Can Too

God, I was so full of crap

Tim Denning
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6 min readMar 8, 2022


Me before I burned the suit. (Image supplied by author)

I wanted to quit my job the first day I got one.

Kissing the ass of leaders to get a job and keep it has never been something I’ve loved. It’s always felt so fake.

My career felt more like a Hollywood movie than reality. I could act better than Leo in Catch Me If You Can featuring Tom Hanks.

“Oh yes boss I can certainly do that for you by 5 PM. This customer is going to absolutely love us. You wait until you see the revenue in your monthly report. It’s going to be huge, I tell ya.”

God, I was so full of crap.

In the last 12 months my career has taken a 360. It’ll inspire yours. Here’s what I did to create the change.

Get comfortable not knowing

I quit my job in the middle of last year.

I know you don’t care or think that’s cool. Me neither. The point is when you quit and decide not to work a job again it scares the pants off you.

I was sweating bullets for days beforehand. What I learned to do is get comfortable not knowing the future. A job gives you a fairly predictable future. Working for yourself has a lot more risk.

There’s no way to know for sure if it’ll work out. I had to learn to accept that I didn’t know what would happen and that’s okay.

The career moves you make in discomfort change your life. It’s when huge personal growth occurs.

Lean into career discomfort.

See financial incentives for what they are (BS)

In my last few weeks of work I closed a $10M+ sales opportunity.

My sales target was $1M for the year. Can you guess how much of the sale I got as a commission?

$0. Nadda. Nothing.

The fat cats got it all.

Now, I had my commission structure built into my employment contract. But it took me years to understand that bonuses and financial incentives in jobs are mostly BS. Yes, you can achieve them.



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