Maybe, You Don’t Need To Take Over the World

My personal story on dealing with ambition impacting my mental health

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi


Image by the author

My entire life has changed in the last 18 months.

A year ago, I was at a soul-sucking job that was uninspiring. I knew I wasn’t meant to be there. I didn’t want to do any ‘job’; I wanted to do my own thing because the 8-hour workday and office politics didn’t appeal to me.

But I didn’t know what my thing would be until I started side hustling.

I’ve been self-employed for 8 months, and things are as good as they can be. My audience is growing across platforms. People seem to enjoy my words. I’m earning incredibly well because of multiple sources of income.

The thing is, I think I need to stop feeling like I have to take over the world.

The highs are too high

At the time of writing this, I woke up to making $$$ in my sleep. These days come by now and then, giving you an unbeatable high.

I didn’t know I could ever sell anything. Since day one, I have focussed on delivering value and overdelivering where I can — creating mostly for free and charging for very little.