Speaking from experience. A publication from Medium about work.

Tips from an ex-boss on what’s expected of you and the power you can wield

Whatever lip service the typical American company pays to caring for its people, each employee is viewed, to some degree, as a commodity, one of several if not countless individuals who could handle the job reasonably well, given time and training.

That does not mean you are powerless to earn…

But I’ve since worked for almost twice that long and now I'm not so sure

Job interviews are curious things. For ages and ages, the dynamic leaned heavily in favor of the employer. They had a job people wanted, so it stands to reason they had the upper hand.

In some ways, this made sense. If a company was going to recruit, onboard, and engage…

Corporate Glossary: every Friday, learn the secret meaning of common corporate words

Every Friday, you get the real meaning behind padded corporate terms that get tossed around like the nice guy’s ball cap in study hall.

Knowing the reality behind the sanitized words or phrases will help you protect yourself and avoid learning these for the first time when you’re experiencing them.

We face a battle to be seen, heard and respected in this industry

At age 16, I took my first engineering class in high school. As one of only two girls, I was met with whispers of “she only took this class to meet boys, and have the attention all to herself.”

At age 17, I sought out an AP Computer Science class…

Joining a new company virtually isn’t as daunting when you have the right tools

Most of us have experienced the nervousness of being the newbie as we try to find our place in an organization. Desperate to blend in to make it less obvious you’re new, yet praying that enough patience is extended to you, so you have sufficient time to learn the ropes…


Speaking from experience. A publication from Medium about work.

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