Speaking from experience. A publication from Medium about work.

I have 47,978 unread emails

“To do real good physics work, you do need absolute solid lengths of time,” the great physicist Richard Feynman said. “If you have a job administering anything, you don’t have the time. So I have invented another myth for myself: that I’m irresponsible. I’m actively irresponsible. I tell everyone I…

I vowed to never be at the mercy of bullies again. Then I joined the corporate space.

As a kid, I was bullied. It sucked.

It was an unfortunate and emotionally draining experience that still affects how I approach social interactions. Naturally, I made a vow to never be at the mercy of bullies again. And I was doing great.

That is until I joined the corporate…

Corporate Glossary: every Friday, learn the secret meaning of common corporate words

There's a scene in the series "Dopesick" where Purdue Pharma's sales leaders have a big problem.

Purdue's medical doctor clients begin to see their patients showing signs of addiction to Purdue's flagship drug OxyContin®. No surprise, this drug was always a strong, addictive narcotic, but this was before the world…

Tiny suggestions to rethink your work.

We spend a stupid amount of time at work.

May as well make your time there enjoyable doing things you love to do. It’s not some fantasy. It’s possible and my career is proof.

This week a friend said something that stayed with me.

“I’ve only got two years until…

Whether in an interview or in your fourth year, the word “family” is jargon that you should be afraid to hear

Family is a complicated construct. It means that a relationship is more than surface level, transcending typical transactional friendships and coworking environments. It gives us the warm and fuzzies. It sounds good, but in reality, the term comes with many gray areas and usually encourages the complete and utter lack…

Tips from an ex-boss on what’s expected of you and the power you can wield

Whatever lip service the typical American company pays to caring for its people, each employee is viewed, to some degree, as a commodity, one of several if not countless individuals who could handle the job reasonably well, given time and training.

That does not mean you are powerless to earn…

We need to address the systemic and cultural dimensions of burnout

It was the autumn season and the large counseling center that I worked for was teeming with prospective clients seeking help. As the clinical director, my job was to ensure we were adequately addressing both providers’ and clients’ needs. This was a tall order to fulfill: counselors’ caseloads were full…


Speaking from experience. A publication from Medium about work.

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